Sunday, 16 August 2015

Cassandra Clare and Holly Black Q&A/book signing at the Kinokuniya Bookstore in Sydney

Those that have been following me on Twitter would know that we (@MissEmmG and I) have been counting down to this day since it was announced that Cassandra Clare (@cassieclare) and Holly Black (@hollyblack) was coming to Sydney as part of Brisbane Writers Festival event (September 2015).

I dusted my Aussie Shadowhunter T-shirt off (Thanks to Em) and wore it with pride :P
                         Em (L) & Me (R)                          Photo credit: @MissEmmG

Kinokuniya Bookstore was packed with fans both seated and standing. When it was time for Cassie and Holly to hit the stage, there were plenty of screams and woohoo’s to greet them :P

Here is the video of them coming up on the stage:

The format was Q&A first (attendee’s submitted questions and they were put in a bowl - Holly and Cassie took turns picking a question out)

I was on my iPhone taking photo’s and videos so I didn’t really get to live tweet but Em was there representing @MundieMoms who was busily tweeting beside me. Here are the tweets from Em (only got one out as me lol):

I did take some photo's and videos throughout the session so check them out below :P

Em gave Holly and Cassie a Wombat souvenir toy (Koala's are overrated lol)

and here is me getting my stuff signed (I got my special ed Shadowhunters Codex signed and The Copper Gauntlet) :P


Thank you to the Kinokuniya Bookstore for hosting this event and a huge thank you to Cassandra Clare and Holly Black for being great to listen to and interact with!

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