Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Twitter #TMITrivia Night - Q & A's Included!

Last night, the first ever TMI Twitter Trivia Night took place and it is the morning after and I'm still buzzing! We weren't sure if this kind of thing can be done on twitter but judging how last night went, it can be done and @MissEmmG and I will definitely do more of them :)
This was the flyer we used to promote the event...

We had 30 questions which was broken up to 3 rounds with 10 questions each. The questions were a mix of easy to hard (some might say very hard) and I think we did a good job of keeping people on their toes! (or fingers on the keyboard in this case).

I can't tell you how many people participated exactly buy what I can tell you was that they were from different parts of the world and really impressed me with their knowledge of The Mortal Instruments book series (Cassandra Clare herself would be proud!). I found it hard at times to keep up because the #TMITrivia feed was like a running waterfall of text and I had to pluck out correct answers in the sea of tweets for each questions. I was exhausted by the end of it! 

We did have a winner who tweeted the correct answer first more often then not and scored the most 5 points. Well done and Congratulations to @clockworkroyalT who was crowned TMI Guru of the Twitterverse!

There is so many people to thank to make this all happen (you know who you are). Thanks to those who tweeted and retweeted about it and we can't forget to thank Cassandra Clare for creating the story/series we love so much :)

If you played along last night, we'd like to hear your thoughts on the event. What can we do better next time? Was it too long? Were the questions too easy or hard? We'd love your feedback so we can do a better job next time!

As requested, here are the questions and answers from our #TMITrivia session last night!


  1. What is an Ifrit? A Warlock with no powers/magic
  2. What did Clary order at her first time at Taki's Diner? Large coffee and coconut pancakes
  3. What do you need to take down the wards of Alicante? Demon blood
  4. For Shadowhunters, what colours are for hunting, funerals and weddings (in that order)? Black, White & Gold
  5. Where does Simon agree to meet his sister Rebecca in City of Lost Souls? (My FAV scene!) Central Park
  6. Name 4 people Simon has biten since becoming a Vampire? Jace, Maureen, Sebastian and Isabelle
  7. Who was Robert Lightwood's parabatai? Michael Wayland
  8. What two people are needed for the birth ritual of a Shadowhunter? Silent Brother and an Iron Sister
  9. What's Bat's full name? (Thanks to @Catreads for this Q)  Bartholomew Velasquez
  10. Camille Belcourt had 2 human subjugates, who were they? Archer & Walker

  1. Who was in the cell next to Simon in City of Glass? Hodge
  2. Clary and Jace were given angel blood whilst in the womb. Which angel did it come from? Ithuriel
  3. What is Simon's cat's name and what colour was it ? Yossarian and it was white
  4. Which Naruto manga did Max buy at the airport? (Thanks to @Catreads for this Q) Volume 9
  5. What are "The Mortal Instruments"? Mortal Cup, Mortal Sword, and Mortal Mirror or Simon's band
  6. What is the name of the sword Raziel gave to Simon and who does it belong to? Glorius belongs to Archangel Michael
  7. Who are the Endarkened? Shadowhunters who drank demon blood from the Infernal Cup
  8. What is Clary's full name? Clarissa Adele Fairchild/Fray
  9. True or false - Luke was once Valentine's Parabatai. True
  10. What makes Meliorn different from the other faeries? He can lie (half human, half faerie)

  1. Which character dies in Chapter 19 in City of Heavenly Fire? Raphael
  2. Who works as a DJ at the Pandemonium? Bat Velasquez
  3. What relation was Inquisitor Imogen Herondale to Jace? Grandmother
  4. Jordan Kyle was a member of which organisation? Praetor Lupus
  5. Which demon did Magnus summon in his apartment in City of Lost Souls? Azazel
  6. By the end of City of Heavenly Fire, who headed up the vampire clan & werewolf pack of New York? Lily & Maia
  7. Who is the father of Magnus Bane? Asmodeus
  8. True or False - Madame Dorothea was a witch. False
  9. Who did Robert Lightwood have an affair with? Annamarie Highsmith
  10. To hate ducks seems to be a Herondale thing. In which book does Jace explicitly say he hates ducks? City of Lost Souls (Ch 9)

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