Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Watch the FIRST & SECOND Teasers for "Shadowhunters"

Two new teasers aired today during Pretty Little Liers and the Stitchers series premiere on ABCFamily.

The first teaser was only the Shadowhunters TV series logo animated with the details of when it will air etc...


I have to admit, I was thirsty for more after the first teaser (it was just a logo!). I was hoping for actual footage of the show, but alas, the second teaser which was a little longer, was just Kat (as cute as a button) introducing the series with a slideshow of candid behind the scenes pics of the cast (a mix of ones we have already seen and ones we haven't).

I guess it wasn't fair to expect too much as they only started filming the series last week. It's a promising start though (promoting the series now) and look forward to more teasers, more cast interaction on social media and of course, more behind the scenes shots :)


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    1. I know!! I got so excited that I *may* have pee'd a little in my pants.. :)