Wednesday, 17 June 2015

More recurring roles cast in Shadowhunters - Meliorn, Pangborn & Alaric

It was announced this morning that Jade Hassoune (@JadeHassoune) has been cast to play the faerie knight (and Isablle Lightwood's one upon a time love interest) Meliorn.

(Click on the pic for a better look at him :)

Here is the video he did for the fans:

Other casting news - Besides Blackthorn being cast (I've posted about it here), according the Shadowhunters IMDB page, the roles of Pangborn (one of Valentine's minions) and Alaric (right hand man to Luke) have been filled by Curtis Morgan (@SexyblckSugaBts) and Joel Labelle respectively.

                 Curtis Morgan - Pangborn               Joel LaBelle - Alaric 

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