Friday, 5 June 2015

David Castro joins the cast of "Shadowhunters' as Raphael Santiago

News broke overnight (Aussie time) that Shadohunters cast David Castro (@DavidLCastro_) as Raphael Santiago.

When I saw David's face, I immediately thought he was perfect! Spot on as far as the image I had in my head of Raphael.

Raphael as a character is an interesting and complex one. I always was wondering "Is he really a villian?"and as the books progressed, I've concluded that the answer is... not really. Everything he did/said was for a valid reason (if you were in his shoes) and he is a man of his word (defying Jonathan by not killing Magnus as he owed him a life debt - read Saving Raphael Santiago (The Bane Chronicles, #6) to find out what happened).

I look forward to seeing David potray Raphael as a character I warmed up to (he also made me laugh - up there with Magnus for razor wit!).

Also, we add ANOTHER hottie to the shadowhunters cast list :)
(Click on pic for original sizing)

Here is a video he did for the fans...

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