Saturday, 2 May 2015

Isabelle Lightwood & Simon Lewis have been cast in "Shadowhunters"

@ShadowhuntersTV (the official TV show account) tweeted clues on other actors that have been cast in the TV series (So far, the only casting news that was confirmed was that Dominic Sherwood had been cast as Jace Wayland).

Here are the clues:

Tweets exploded from the fandom all speculating on exactly which character they think would be revealed (my feed was like a running waterfall of text!) but it was pretty clear from the clues that it was Isabelle (Whip was a give away) and Simon (Band - pretty easy!).

So who was cast??

...*drum roll*...

                   Emeraude Toubia                                       Alberto Rosende
             as Isabelle 'Izzy' Lightwood                    as Simon Lewis (Perfect!)

You can follow them both on twitter: @EmeraudeToubia and @arosende

Shortly after the reveal, both actors did a quick video to officially introduce themselves and to thank fans for their support:

Aww.. how nervous did he sound? Adorbes! Perfectly cast as Simon :)

Source of videos

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