Friday, 17 April 2015

Ongoing Updates: "Shadowhunters" producer @McGsWonderland tweets behind-the-scenes teasers

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Joseph McGinty “McG” Nichol, the executive-producer of ABC Family’s "Shadowhunters" has been actively tweeting behind-the-scenes pics/videos, much to the delight of the TMI Fandom! He has also been engaging with fans on twitter (including myself), reassuring us that he will do his best to make a fantastic show but at the same time (quote) "...honoring the fans & delivering on the promise of the book series". That's reassuring given some of the crappy rumours that had been circulating about the direction and storyline of the show a few weeks ago.

I've created this post so I can update you all on the teaser tweets Mr McG (@McGsWonderland) has posted so far, all in one place to enjoy :)
...or you can just follow him on twitter yourself! :P 

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My respect for McG has gone up another notch thanks to the above tweet. The fact that he publicly acknowledges and thanks the original movie cast of City of Bones cements my perception that he isn't one of those exec producers that sits in their ivory tower. He isn't ignorant of the ample/quality material available to him about the TMI story (i.e. the books and Cassandra Clare) and constantly reassures the fans that our favourite story is in good 'caring' hands. I can breathe a lot easier now... thanks McG :)

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