Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Dominic Sherwood cast as Jace Wayland in Shadowhunters

@McGsWonderland (exec producer for Shadowhunters) teased the fandom this morning (Aussie time) with the following tweet:

I missed the 'hint' he gave in the tweet with "surewould" (get it? Sherwood) but other smart cookies in the fandom figured it out. It was then officially announced that Dominic Sherwood would be our Jace in the Shadowhunter TV series via @ShadowhuntersTV, @McGsWonderland and Dom himself @DomSherwood1:

Some may recognise Dom from playing Christian Ozera in Vampire Academy and he is also the hunk in Taylor Swift's "Style" music video. To find out what else he has been up to, check out his IMDB profile here.

This announcement was the first in casting news for the TV series... can't wait for them to reveal the rest of the cast as the week progresses, particularly Clary, Simon and Magnus (Simon and Magnus being my two favourite characters in the series).

I still love Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace in the movie but I also think Dom will interpret Jace just as convincingly in the TV series :)

Here is an exclusive video/message he did for the fans via the Shadowhunters Facebook page:

 (The YouTube version of the video is from Idris Brazil)

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