Friday, 6 March 2015

The Mortal Instruments TV Series Update: Casting Call notice

We can thank the folks @ Idris Brazil and Fangirlish who let us know about a post on Craigslist calling for cast submissions to fill the roles of Clary, Jace and Simon for the TMI TV Series which is to start filming May 2015 in Vancouver (City of Bones movie was filmed in Canada too - Toronto).

Here is the post:

SHADOWHUNTERS, Ep. #1001 "The MortalCup"

Pilot - Straight to Series
ABC Family
Draft: 2/23/15

Executive Producers: Ed Decter, Michael
Reisz, Marjorie David
Director: TBD
Writer: Ed Decter
Casting Directors: Alyson Silverberg &
Jonathan Clay Harris
Casting Associates: Susan Esrock & Justin
Start Date: May 2015
Location: Vancouver

The download the script, go to Sides Express and use script key code S1212.

[CLARY FRAY] 18-21 years old, beautiful, fiery red-headed, creative, and intelligent. Clary
Fray is a promising art student whose bright future is derailed when her mother is
kidnapped and she learns her life has been a lie. Clary discovers a hidden Shadow World full
of Vampires, Werewolves, and other unthinkable danger that she quickly learns to
navigate. As she is forced into action, she embraces her newfound powers and realizes that
she will play the central role in this new world. . .SERIES REGULAR, PLEASE SUBMIT ALL

[JACE WAYLAND] Early 20s, narcissistic, and lethally gorgeous, Jace is a determined and
expert Shadowhunter. A skilled soldier in a war against demons. After his father is killed,
Jace makes it his life mission to seek revenge on the man who is responsible. After years of
being the object of every girl's desire, he finds himself in an unfamiliar position -- falling in

[SIMON LEWIS] Early 20s, intelligent, very handsome in a non-calculated kind of way,
Simon Lewis is Clary Fray's long-time best friend. He's the first to find humor in any
situation. An accounting student by day, Simon spends his free time performing in a band.
His loyalty and feelings for Clary are tested as he fights alongside her on an epic journey.
Because of this, he is ultimately turned into a vampire and struggles to maintain his
humanity while simultaneously accepting his fate. . . SERIES REGULAR, PLEASE SUBMIT ALL

STORY LINE: Clary Fray is perfectly normal; she's a budding art student who loves spending
time with her friends and family. On her 18th birthday, however, Clary discovers she is part
of an age-old battle between demons and an elite race of warriors known as
Shadowhunters. When her mother is kidnapped and her home is destroyed, so is her sense
of reality...

First thing/change you'll notice from the books is the characters have been aged up (no surprise here since they did that for the movie too). Clary as an art student? I'm actually OK with that because it would be something I could see Clary do if she wasn't thrown into the Shadowhunter world. Simon on the other hand as an accountant student? I had a laugh! I would of thought a career in IT would of suited him better but that's just my 5 cents worth :)

There was no mention on the CIA much to my relief (see my previous post about the storyline 'rumours') but it is still early days yet...

I'm most curious about what the casting call description will be for Magnus Bane and Valentine. Watch this space! 

Also, please stop bombarding Cassandra Clare on social media with questions about the TMI TV Series - She's in the dark like the rest of us and worse, she has no say on characters and story/direction of the TV series so please lay off her a bit (imagine if you had no power over your beloved characters/story for this platform and be constantly reminded of this when people ask questions on 'what's happening with the TV series?'- it's disheartening people so stop it!).

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