Thursday, 5 February 2015

Rumours about The Mortal Instruments TV Series Storyline

If you haven’t read Fangirlish’s open letter to Ed Decter (the appointed showrunner for The Mortal Instruments TV Series) then do it here and make sure you spread the word.

Since news broke out in October 2014 that the TMI series will be made into a TV series, everything around the project has been hush hush. Poor Cassandra Clare (the author of our beloved book series) gets bombarded with tweets and messages on a daily basis by fans asking if she’s heard anything etc…

She’s just in the dark like everyone else.

We’re ALL unfortunately in the same boat.

Until a few days ago…

I read Fangirlish’s post who wasn’t impressed about the rumours circulating about the storyline for the TMI TV Series (hence her open letter to Ed to voice her concerns). I have to say, I agreed with all her points addressing these rumours. Let’s check them out shall we?

(Apparently there is more, but these were the ones that concerned her the most)

Rumour #1 – Simon is getting a new girlfriend, right from the beginning (Hell to the NO!)

Rumour #2 – You have decided to age up the characters

Rumour #3 – Shadowhunters are more like a division of the CIA (*cough* can't believe this one in particular....)

Rumour #4 – You are moving the location to Los Angeles or San Francisco, versus it being set in NYC

Rumour #5 – The show is to be sexed up and made darker (*shakes head* cut your audience by half why don't cha!?)

Rumour #6 – The title will be Shadowhunters (I can live with this one)

I was so excited to hear the news that the series was turning into a TV Series (You can read my opinion about it
here) but now, knowing about the ‘rumours’ has me rattled and a little scared.

If the rumours are true then I’m going to be let down AGAIN by the powers that be in Hollywood. They buggered up The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie (straying too far from the storyline and making stupid changes) and now the TMI TV series is on the same road to shittyness… to a fan of the series, it is pure sacrilege what they plan on doing *sigh*

I guess, we just have to wait and see.

Oh and Ed (or anyone that is part of the production for the TV series), if you’re reading this, then please note the following before you close this window...

Please read the books (AGAIN if you have to) because if you see what ‘we’ see (‘we’ being the legions of fans and I’m talking millions here), you wouldn’t change a thing. Cassie was obviously doing something right (look at the book sale figures, look at the ‘best lists’ the series has made).

Bottom line is, If it ain't broke, don't fix it

My 5 cents worth on the subject is done,


  1. I applaud you, everything you wrote was correct. they should follow the book, otherwise it wont be a good tv series. they all ready screwed up the movie. I mean they couldn't even get valentine to look right or jace to be sarcastic! everyone, listen to this person!