Thursday, 22 May 2014

Competition to celebrate City of Heavenly Fire's release!

It's GIVEAWAY time here at TMI Australia!

The release of the last book of The Mortal Instruments series is less then a week away - City of Heavenly Fire(CoHF) comes out in Australia (and worldwide) on the 27th May 2014. 

So, to celebrate its release, the lovely @MissEmmG has kindly offered to give away a special hard cover edition of City of Lost Souls (you can't get it in Australia) by Cassandra Clare. Second prize is the The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie poster also thanks to @MissEmmG.

To win, all you have to do is predict what will happen in City of Heavenly Fire. There is LOTS of speculation on the twitterverse and tumblrworld on what will happen so I'd like to hear what you Aussies think! Just use the comments section below (or email, DM me on Twitter or tumblr) to let us know what YOU think will happen. There is no right or wrong answers because we won't get them until CoHF is released!

There are only two rules to abide by... your prediction is to be not longer than 200 words and you must be an Aussie. International Shadowhunters are welcome to contribute but the prizes however are for Aussie residents only.

The competition time is from Friday, 23rd May to 5pm Monday 26th May 2014 (AEST). We're looking for the most well thought out and accurate theories/predictions because we will be announcing the winners on the following Monday (2nd May). By then, we would have read CoHF and can judge the entries. Please note: Winner responses won't be revealed for spoilery reasons.

Happy Predicting!
Mel & Em



Runner Up Prize (City of Bones movie poster) goes to... @pansycake_4and6 for a good theory (can't confirm for spoilery reasons).

FIRST PRIZE GOES TO... *drum roll*.... @UniquelyFui!! (Again, can't confirm which are right or wrong for spoilery reasons)

Special mention goes to @Simone_NHS who always makes an effort to enter my comps and makes me laugh whilst doing so :) Bless your cotton socks luv! 


  1. Out first prediction is thanks to @Simone_NHS on twitter who is having a little fun with the comp :) Here is what she thinks will happen:
    • Simon and Izzy will elope under a table at Luke and Jocelyn’s wedding.
    • Jace is going to be normal again and marry Clary.
    • Sebastian will turn into a bunny and will be kept as a pet by the Seelie queen.
    • Chairman Meow and Church will fall in love.
    • Jem will look after the cats while Malec are on their honeymoon.
    • Maya and Jordan are going to go live with Pewdipie.
    • The silent brothers and iron sisters are going to PARTAY HARRD.
    • Raphael discovers his love for pottery and leaves Simon alone.
    • Maureen turns into a stop sign and Max comes back to life

  2. CoHF prediction:

    Fans of TMI and TID have thought some pretty mind-blowing theories. I believe parts of the predections I've read might occur in CoHF however, I have my own prediction too. Team Good has a few problems but I want to focus on the Dark Shadowhunters, the one Sebastian created. In CoLS they figured out that the bond between Jace and Sebastian can be broken either by a heavenly weapon or a powerful demonic one. Team Good already used Archangel Micheal's sword (The heavenly weapon) which only leaves them with the serious demonic weapon. Now, that's where Magnus's dad comes in. Magnus summons his dad and somehow, Magnus' s dad gives a demonic weapon to them that will restore the Dark Shadowhunters. However, they might need to share the power of the sword to defeat an army of Dark Shadowhunters. In the COHF book trailer, there's this part where you see Jace and Clary soaking a sword into a tub of water. Well, I think that tub of water is from lake lynn, which explains why they went back to Idris. Now they have soak the demon weapon into the lake lynn water so that the water can absord the power of the sword. So when weapons are dunked into that water the weapon will then be soaked with the demon power. That weapon might be able to restore a Dark Shadowhunter.

    That's my prediction. Thank you for taking your time reading this. I hope you enjoyed it :)

  3. Twitter: @UniquelyFui
    My predictions about COHF (in no particular order):
    • Jace will find out that Brother Zachariah had a parabatai
    • The books will go over the time period of Christmas and Clary will get a text message from her mother during Christmas shopping with Simon saying “Where are you? It’s an emergency”
    • A young boy named Julian will be tested with the Mortal Sword
    • We will meet the main character of the Dark Artifices
    • 6 people we know by name will die
    • Church and Chairman Meow will both survive COH
    • Luke and Jocelyn will get married
    • Tessa and Jem will be featured in the COHF
    • The heavenly fire inside Jace will be fixed
    • Isabelle will not be Maryse and Robert Lightwood’s actual daughter
    • Clary and Jace will return to Idris at least once
    • Magnus and Alec will get back together
    • We will meet a secret Herondale
    • We will find out who Magnus’s father actually is
    • Sebastian will die or redeem himself
    • Simon gets blood from Raphael and becomes a drunken vampire
    • Jace will continue to be awesome