Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Are you anxiously waiting on ANY news of the City of Ashes movie?


Would you like to join in on the campaign to change all that? Please say YES! :P

A bunch of TMI fan sites around the world are taking part in the "We want City of Ashes News" campaign (this idea was concieved by Godfrey Gao Spain, Kevin Zegers Spain & Jamie Campbell Bower Spain - Thanks for sharing this initiative guys).

The purpose of this initiatrive/campaign is to show the film producers that we're still passionate about the TMI series and still VERY interested in supporting City of Ashes production from start to finish.
There are four parts to help promote the campaign (you don't need to do ALL of them):
  1. For bloggers - Banners are available for your blogs to promote the campaign
  2. Theme icons you can use as your avatar on your various social network applications
  3. Share what your experience was with the filming/release of ‘City of Bones’.
  4. The #WeWantCoANews hashtag
There are different banners you can add to your blog/tumblr/website. You can check them out here

You can get some Icons/avatars promoting this campaign on ‘Twibbon’. You’ll be able to add a mini banner on top of your Twitter or your profile picture on Facebook (you can adjust the size so it’ll display bigger or smaller in your pic).

Here are some quick instructions if you're not familiar with Twibbon:
1- Go to Twibbon
2- Click on the “ADD TO TWITTER” or “ADD TO FACEBOOK” button depending on which social network you want to add it to.
3- Authorize the application.
4- Adjust the size and position of the mini banner on your icon.
5- Click on the “Add twibbon in Twitter/Facebook” button on the right and that's it :)

Remember when you first heard City of Bones was being made into a movie? Remember hearing who was being cast (minus the negativity Jamie had to endure at first) and what about when we started seeing set pics circulating around twitter/blogs? Then the trailers and then finally the release!!?? How good did you feel!??? I don't know about you, but I have withdrawals now but we can all go through it again together with City of Ashes.

Let's first reminisce about City of Bones...

Each week, there will be a specific topic on the City of Bones production & what your thoughts/experience was at the time. The schedule will be as follows:

Week 1: February 17th to February 23rd
Topic: What was it like for you when filming started for City of Bones?

Week 2: February 24th to March 2nd
Topic: What was it like for you when you watched the FIRST city of Bones trailer?

Week 3: March 3rd to March 9th
Topic: What was it like for you when City of Bones was released?

We'd like to hear about your experience through it all either via Twitter/TwitLonger, tumblr (share it on twitter) or blog about it!

If you share your story, make sure you mention me in your tweet so I can RT and if you like any of the stories we RT, then feel free to RT it too! If possible, add the #WeWantCoANews hashtag

Honestly, feel free to use this anytime and make sure you mention @MortalMovie and @mmoszkowicz so they know you're serious!

We will attempt to make it a world wide trending topic on February 24th. As soon as you wake up (from 6am), start tweeting #WeWantCoANews (it will coincide with the rest of the world joining in on the campaign). Again, remember to include @MortalMovie and @mmoszkowicz


Thanks again to these guys for putting it all together: Godfrey Gao Spain, Kevin Zegers Spain & Jamie Campbell Bower Spain - LETS DO THIS :P