Monday, 13 October 2014

The Mortal Instruments to become a TV Series - Is it a good thing?

So it’s been a few hours since the announcement was made via The Hollywood Reporter, that The Mortal Instruments (TMI) will be made into a TV Series (view article).

Let me first start by saying that I was in “We want City of Ashes movie” mode for ages, so when I first heard the news, I first just raised an eyebrow. I can’t say I was altogether surprised as Cassie did give us a hint whilst in Brazil a few months ago that it had been/was being considered (you can read my tumblr story about it here).

Having mulled over it for a few hours now, I’ve come to the conclusion that is a good thing and the more I think about it, it’s turning into a VERY GOOD thing.

I was going to draw up and pro’s and con’s table but I really couldn’t think of any con’s about TMI being made into a TV Series. It’s all positives as far as I’m concerned with the ONLY potential negative (and to some it’s a BIGGY and a deal breaker) is that we might not get the original cast from the movie (for the record, there is no news on casting yet).

What I like most about the move to TV is that we’re not restricted to 90min to tell the story per book. Let’s face it, as excited as we all were to see City of Bones come to life on screen, they didn’t really do a great job of it. I can spend a whole post in itself to pick apart what I believe let the movie down except to say there were A LOT of plot holes (no mention of Parabatai!) and plot changes in the movie that had us scratching our heads. It’s no secret that it didn’t do great at the box office hence why everything came to a screeching halt with City of Ashes.

Having TMI being made into a series will allow for more time to explore the characters in more detail (better character development), the Shadowhunter world and the story in general - No cutting corners which tends to happen in films because they try to cram it all in and more often than not, it’s detrimental to the movie in the end.

Now, I would LOOOOOOVE if we had the movie cast transplanted in the TV Series and it’s not too much of a stretch because most of the cast have done TV at some point in their careers – Look at this list:

(TMI Character - Actor/Actress (TV Series done)
Clary Fray - Lily Collins (did a stint in the revamped 90210 show)
Jace Wayland - Jamie Campbell Bower (The Prisoner, Camelot)
Simon Lewis - Robert Sheehan (Foreign Exchange, Young Blades, Misfits and many more)
Alex Lightwood – Kevin Zegers (Titans, Gossip Girl, Titanic: Blood and Steel, Gracepoint and many more)
Jocelyn Fray - Lena Headey (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Game of Thrones and many more)
Valentine Morgenstein - Jonathan Rhys Meyers (The Tudors and Dracula)
Luke Garroway - Aidan Turner (Desperate Romantics, The Clinic, Being Human and Poldark)
Magnus Bane – Godfrey Gao (Momo Love)
Isabelle Lightwood – Jemima West (15/Love, Grand Star, Ben and Thomas, Maison close and many more)
Hodge Starkweather - Jared Harris (Fringe, Mad Men and many more)
Samuel Blackwell - Robert Maillet (Haven, The Strain and many more)
Emil Pangborn - Kevin Durand (Dark Angel Lost, The Strain and many more)
Madame Dorothea - CCH Pounder (Predominately done TV)

…but… sorry to say, I don’t think it will happen. Mainly because of this of this tweet from Cassie:

The TMI TV Series will be starting from scratch and I don’t know of any TV Shows which use the same cast as the movie to ‘re-do’ what’s been done on film (please let me know if I’m wrong). I know this might upset a lot of you as some would like to only picture Jamie as Jace or Lily as Clary but we must be prepared in the event that we won’t see some familiar faces in the TV Series (especially hard for those who haven’t read the books and enjoyed the film – although I would secretly hope these people went back and read the book/s).

Remember Shadowhunters, it was the story and characters in the books that got you hooked and so while I’m bummed if we don’t get the old cast back for the key roles, I’m happy either way that the story is continuing on the silver screen. If it will be the case of new faces portraying our favourite characters then I’ll just have to suck it up and get on with it (we don’t have a choice now do we!?).

To conclude, making the transition from movie to TV is a good thing and it can work! Look at Teen Wolf and Buffy! 

Think of all the regular set pics, the behind the scenes footage, hanging for a new episode every week (assuming it will be shown weekly). The box sets, hearing about the series all year round (over many years *fingers crossed*). Beats 'one' movie any day in my books!

So yeah, personally, I'm looking forward to it! Especially, fangirling with you all through the whole process!


~ Mel

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Comic Strip at the end of the US/Target version of City of Heavenly Fire





So in the last post, I posted the comic strip that is only available in the Australian and UK version of City of Heavenly Fire (the 'Wedding on Blackfriars Bridge").

The US/Target version of the book has a different comic strip scene at the back. The artwork is by the amazing Cassandra Jean and it shows Magnus opening a portal in Idris for Emma Carstairs and the Blackthorn children to go back home to the Los Angeles Institute. There is a tender moment between Emma and Jace (very cute) and also between Clace :) Enjoy! (Click to enlarge).

Source: Thank you to The-Light-Of-A-Star for posting it on their tumblr.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Comic Strip at the end of the Australian version of City of Heavenly Fire





I have the eBook version of City of Heavenly Fire however, @princess_tegs kindly sent me the comic strip at the end of City of Heavenly Fire (CoHF) hardcover book. 

The comic strip is only available in the Australian and UK version of CoHF.

The artwork is by the amazing Cassandra Jean and it shows the ghosts of Jessamine Lovelace and Will Herondale witnessing the wedding of Jem Carstairs and Tessa Gray on the Blackfriars Bridge, London. It's such a beautiful scene... see for yourself! (Click to enlarge).

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Competition to celebrate City of Heavenly Fire's release!

It's GIVEAWAY time here at TMI Australia!

The release of the last book of The Mortal Instruments series is less then a week away - City of Heavenly Fire(CoHF) comes out in Australia (and worldwide) on the 27th May 2014. 

So, to celebrate its release, the lovely @MissEmmG has kindly offered to give away a special hard cover edition of City of Lost Souls (you can't get it in Australia) by Cassandra Clare. Second prize is the The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie poster also thanks to @MissEmmG.

To win, all you have to do is predict what will happen in City of Heavenly Fire. There is LOTS of speculation on the twitterverse and tumblrworld on what will happen so I'd like to hear what you Aussies think! Just use the comments section below (or email, DM me on Twitter or tumblr) to let us know what YOU think will happen. There is no right or wrong answers because we won't get them until CoHF is released!

There are only two rules to abide by... your prediction is to be not longer than 200 words and you must be an Aussie. International Shadowhunters are welcome to contribute but the prizes however are for Aussie residents only.

The competition time is from Friday, 23rd May to 5pm Monday 26th May 2014 (AEST). We're looking for the most well thought out and accurate theories/predictions because we will be announcing the winners on the following Monday (2nd May). By then, we would have read CoHF and can judge the entries. Please note: Winner responses won't be revealed for spoilery reasons.

Happy Predicting!
Mel & Em



Runner Up Prize (City of Bones movie poster) goes to... @pansycake_4and6 for a good theory (can't confirm for spoilery reasons).

FIRST PRIZE GOES TO... *drum roll*.... @UniquelyFui!! (Again, can't confirm which are right or wrong for spoilery reasons)

Special mention goes to @Simone_NHS who always makes an effort to enter my comps and makes me laugh whilst doing so :) Bless your cotton socks luv! 

Saturday, 17 May 2014

The official book trailer for City of Heavenly Fire finally released!

The fandom around the world waited in bated breath for The Insider to air in the USA at 7pm (ET). They had dibs to reveal the book trailer on the show. 

We waited and waited and finally, the segment came... and went! There were only 1 sec flashes of the trailer and it was over! The segment went for about 30sec!

The fandom was disappointed to say the least... we know, it was a matter of time before the FULL trailer surfaced and it finally did via the Simon Teen YouTube channel.

So Shadowhunters, here it is, the book trailer in FULL!

That completes the book trailers for The Mortal Instruments series.

In case you haven't see the other book trailers from the series, I've included them below (there wasn't one for City of Bones or City of Ashes that I know of).

Which one do you like best? sound off in the comments below or tweet me on twitter @TMI_Australia

City of Glass book trailer

City of Fallen Angels book trailer

Extended version

City of Lost Souls book trailer

Friday, 7 March 2014


Joined Twitter 7th March 2013

I can’t believe how quick the year has gone by… guess time flies when you’re having fun :) Honestly, it is the best way to describe it.

Being part of the fandom has been a fantastic experience - everyone is equally passionate and loyal so a big shout out to the #TMIFamily. Thank you for making my day, EVERY DAY (I haven’t missed one day of tweeting!).

There have been some standout moments besides @cassieclare RT/Responding to one of my tweets (I had a major fangirl meltdown when it happened). They were:

  • Being invited to a preview screening of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie 2 days before the official release in Australia (Thank you @RoadshowFilms​!)
  • Running the Acrostic Competition where I gave away two copies of The Shadowhunter’s Codex competition (details of the comp here, the entries and the winners)
  • To mark the DVD release of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones in Australia (18th December 2013), @MissEmmG and I tweeted live as we watched the movie that night. To help us celebrate, @RoadshowAU kindly offered us five copies of the DVD plus the books to giveaway for our ‘Caption This’ competition that we held on the same night. I posted up a recap of that amazing but hectic night here.
  • Meeting my parabatai face to face, @MissEmmG! Here is our ‘selfie' (i'm on the left & Em is on the right). I had fun catching up with her :P. Dearest Em, thank you so much for your support and with all your help with reviewing my posts and the competitions xox
There has been many laughs and good discussion tweets throughout the year thanks to my wonderful followers - I’m giving each and every one of you all a virtual hug through the interwebs! Thank you :o)

My last thanks HAS to go person who is the whole reason why i’m here… *bows* Thank you @cassieclare for writing a captivating series full of humour, adventure, sass and heart (This also includes The Infernal Devices series). I’m looking forward to reading what will happen in City of Heavenly Fire (ok maybe shitting myself a little bit, but bring it on!). Once TMI is over, we then have The Dark Artifices and The Lost Hour series to look forward to :)

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Are you anxiously waiting on ANY news of the City of Ashes movie?


Would you like to join in on the campaign to change all that? Please say YES! :P

A bunch of TMI fan sites around the world are taking part in the "We want City of Ashes News" campaign (this idea was concieved by Godfrey Gao Spain, Kevin Zegers Spain & Jamie Campbell Bower Spain - Thanks for sharing this initiative guys).

The purpose of this initiatrive/campaign is to show the film producers that we're still passionate about the TMI series and still VERY interested in supporting City of Ashes production from start to finish.
There are four parts to help promote the campaign (you don't need to do ALL of them):
  1. For bloggers - Banners are available for your blogs to promote the campaign
  2. Theme icons you can use as your avatar on your various social network applications
  3. Share what your experience was with the filming/release of ‘City of Bones’.
  4. The #WeWantCoANews hashtag
There are different banners you can add to your blog/tumblr/website. You can check them out here

You can get some Icons/avatars promoting this campaign on ‘Twibbon’. You’ll be able to add a mini banner on top of your Twitter or your profile picture on Facebook (you can adjust the size so it’ll display bigger or smaller in your pic).

Here are some quick instructions if you're not familiar with Twibbon:
1- Go to Twibbon
2- Click on the “ADD TO TWITTER” or “ADD TO FACEBOOK” button depending on which social network you want to add it to.
3- Authorize the application.
4- Adjust the size and position of the mini banner on your icon.
5- Click on the “Add twibbon in Twitter/Facebook” button on the right and that's it :)

Remember when you first heard City of Bones was being made into a movie? Remember hearing who was being cast (minus the negativity Jamie had to endure at first) and what about when we started seeing set pics circulating around twitter/blogs? Then the trailers and then finally the release!!?? How good did you feel!??? I don't know about you, but I have withdrawals now but we can all go through it again together with City of Ashes.

Let's first reminisce about City of Bones...

Each week, there will be a specific topic on the City of Bones production & what your thoughts/experience was at the time. The schedule will be as follows:

Week 1: February 17th to February 23rd
Topic: What was it like for you when filming started for City of Bones?

Week 2: February 24th to March 2nd
Topic: What was it like for you when you watched the FIRST city of Bones trailer?

Week 3: March 3rd to March 9th
Topic: What was it like for you when City of Bones was released?

We'd like to hear about your experience through it all either via Twitter/TwitLonger, tumblr (share it on twitter) or blog about it!

If you share your story, make sure you mention me in your tweet so I can RT and if you like any of the stories we RT, then feel free to RT it too! If possible, add the #WeWantCoANews hashtag

Honestly, feel free to use this anytime and make sure you mention @MortalMovie and @mmoszkowicz so they know you're serious!

We will attempt to make it a world wide trending topic on February 24th. As soon as you wake up (from 6am), start tweeting #WeWantCoANews (it will coincide with the rest of the world joining in on the campaign). Again, remember to include @MortalMovie and @mmoszkowicz


Thanks again to these guys for putting it all together: Godfrey Gao Spain, Kevin Zegers Spain & Jamie Campbell Bower Spain - LETS DO THIS :P

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The cover of City of Heavenly Fire revealed (HD Version)!

This is the moment all Shadowhunter's around the world have been waiting for... the cover reveal of City of Heavenly Fire which is the last book in The Mortal Instruments series (HD Version):
(Cassie confirmed that it's Jonathan & Clary Morgenstern on the cover. On the inside cover will be Jace, Alec, Izzy, Simon, and Maia. Unfortunately, they couldn't fit Magnus!)

It was first revealed on a teaser for the segment on The Insider (CBS) that aired at 7pm, 14th January (USA east time). The timezone conversion for aussies was 11am, 15th January 2014 (AEST). You can watch the segment/Cassie's interview here.

It's with some trepidation that I wait for this book... I really can't wait to read it but I'm a little scared judging from the snippets Cassie's has revealed so far. @TMI_Source has them all here. People will die... but who!? oh my heart hurts just thinking about it!

City of Heavenly Fire comes out 27th May 2014 in Australia and it is 733 pages long!!