Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Sky News UK gets it so wrong in interview with Cassandra Clare

After watching the Sky News interview with Cassandra Clare, I had to physically close my jaw shut. Eamonn Holmes, dude, how about doing some research! Honestly, it's Journo 101!

The fandom took to twitter to vent their disgust and anger over how this clueless <insert derogatory word here> got it so wrong.

Props to Cassandra for her restraint in not letting it rip with a tirade of profanities for being a clueless dick.

You have to see the interview for yourself as seeing is believing!

He described the book/movie to be "The Next Vampire Thriller"*head desk*
He.Called.The.Fandom.SHADOWCHASERS! *shakes head*
Warning. Cringe fest ahead...
(Thanks to @TMIScotland and @TMI_TID_UK at British Nephilim for making this video available for non-UK residents to watch - love the snigger/laugh when Cassie corrected him - we ALL did it!)

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