Sunday, 23 June 2013

Aussie Shadowhunters descend on Supanova Sydney

The Supanova Pop Culture Expo (Supanova) is an Australian convention that is held annually in the capital cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Supernova has been around for over 10 years uniting fans and local/international celebrities of science fiction, fantasy film and TV, comic books, anime, and gaming. There are signing sessions and panel discussions. This is the perfect event to cosplay and geek out!

Supanova kicked off in Sydney this year (June 22nd & 23rd) and there were a great list of celebs that have come out to meet and greet the fans (you can see the full list here). There was one in particular that all aussie Shadowhunters were looking forward to seeing the most, and that was Aidan Turner (who plays Luke Garroway in the City of Bones Movie).
 Movie still of Aidan as Luke Garroway

I'm happy to report there were some aussie shadowhunters that braved the cold wet weather to visit our favourite werewolf step-dad; some making the effort to get into cosplay mode channeling their favourite TMI character. Here are our home grown shadowhunters, who represented the aussie contigent of TMI fans at the event:P

@sizzyled @jemcarstears @xmargie22x & other's attended and don't they look great in TMI Cosplay:

@sizzyled (Sam) was had a photo taken with Aidan and had her City of Bones book signed (she took his book signing of City of Bones viginity - she was the first & he says so in the book):

Thanks Sam, for sharing these pics with us! You can follow her on @sizzyled and her tumblr

Here are some more lucky ducks (sorry Jace) who got photo's with this gorgeous speciman of a man:
Thanks for sharing @jemcarstears

 Thanks for sharing @MadelineRusconi & @hannah_gracer

Thanks for sharing @JacquiMayLenton

Ladies and Gents, we have a toothy smile from Aidan thanks to @MusicalProdigy
There is a little cute backstory to this smile. Taken from her tumblr (and the girl can sing!) page: 

I love to call this photo “Father-daughter” haha.

I went to Supanova yesterday with my fellow shadowhunter friends (they don’t have Tumblrs) and I met quite a few disguised as mundanes in lines.

As I got my opportunity to meet Aidan, I walked into the room and the first thing I screamed to him was “LUKE, YOU ARE MY FATHER!” and Aidan (who is the LOVELIEST gem in the world) looked at me probably grinning like a fool and just knocked his head back and just started to laugh VERY VERY HARD. He has the prettiest teeth everyone. So obviously as he was laughing, I was laughing too and his eyes sort of got watery. The photo guy was staring at the both of us laughing and Aidan gave me a hug then looked at me going and went “oh uh… Forgot I can’t hug you” (because they were instructed not to). So we both TRIED to get a photo pose but it wasn’t working because we were laughing and then finally we got one and he still looks hysterical whilst I TRIED to hide my laugh but I look disgusting.

Anyways as I was leaving Aidan gave me a kiss on the cheek and a head scratch before telling me “you are perfect, Clary. You are the perfect Clary.. your costume is fantastic. Seriously.” And then I waltzed out feeling SO OVERWHELMED.


Thanks to @MissEmmG for your help with some editing :P Bless her cotton socks for making sense when I wasn't :P

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