Friday, 10 May 2013

Valentine Morgenstern - Official City of Bones Character Poster

@Motalmovie (The Mortal Instruments movie official twitter account) went about revealing Valentine’s official movie character poster a little differently from the other character posters so far. They teased us by revealing parts of the poster tweet by tweet, spanning a few hours with the hashtag #MortalReveal (what an excruciating wait that was!).

Here are the series of twitter posts from @Mortalmovie leading up to the big reveal (click to enlarge)

                          Twitter Post 1                     Twitter Post 2

                            Twitter Post 3                     Twitter Post 4

                                               Twitter Post 5
Now it’s been revealed in its whole entirety (without the black city smudge); here is Daddy Valentine.

He may be a manipulator, a sadist, calculating and power hungry but he was also passionate, charismatic and in turn inspired loyalty, which is why people joined The Circle.

I'm sure Jonathan Rhys Meyers will do a great job in bringing Valentine to life on screen! He makes this bad ass look HOT! *fans self*

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