Thursday, 23 May 2013

The secret ‘Mortal Instruments’ project revealed - Jamie is Jace video tribute!

I had to write a blog post about this because this is special... I am amazed at how passionate, loyal and super supportive the global TMI fandom is and how proud I am to be part of it.

The 'secret' project came about in response to Jamie Campbell Bower's honest admission that the initial negative fan reaction got to him: "It's deeply hurtful" he said, in a interview with (read the interview transcript here). From what I've read and seen, they could've cast a more perfect Jace. You can see how dedicated and committed he is to the whole project, it's almost palpable... like juicy mango (sorry, couldn't help referencing the Mango :P). My heart went out to him and it seems I wasn't the only one who felt this way...

Enter Fangirlish with Page to Premiere, TMI Source, Mundie Moms and Hypable who all came together with one purpose - let's show him the TMI fandom support him 100% and agree that #JamieIsJace! They all rallied the fandom and asked fans to send in photo's of themselves holding a sign, showing their support.

They received hundreds and hundreds of submissions! The first 300 or so were included in a video tribute which you can check out below. The rest of the photo's can be found here:

Fangirlish will be putting together a photo album to be given to Jamie at ComicCon in July.

What a beautiful idea from a wonderful fandom to a well deserving actor :P

Here is the fantastic video tribute - Project Jamie is Jace:

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